Hanuka: Dedicated to Resisting Militarism Through Peace Education

by Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

As we approach Hanuka, the Festival of Lights, we can either promote the rabbinic message of Hanuka as dedication to spiritual illumination and peace education  OR emphasize Maccabean militarism as necessary to achieving victory over opponents. Many in the Jewish community will try to promote both, but that is impossible. Our tradition warns us: either choose the way of the book or choose the way of the sword. If we choose the sword, we can no longer be faithful to traditional nonviolent values associated with the book.

The rabbinic tradition largely supports nonviolence: “Not by military might and not by force of arms, by My spirit.” This is the prophetic verse chosen by the sages to illuminate Hanuka! Today, many Jewish people believe military strength is the way to achieve lasting security. While all states have had legitimate security needs, militarization and military occupation were traditionally regarded as evil. Yes, evil. The prophets continually denounced militarism. The sages believed that even lifting one hand to threaten another is ‘rasha‘, that is, violent, unjust and a sin. “Once the arrow is released from its bow, not even the mightiest warrior can bring it back.” Militarism has a life of its own which breeds corruption, systemic violence and the degradation of humanistic values. Militarism is not Jewish.

I find it ironic, given current Jewish loyalty to Israeli militarism by mainstream Jewish institutions, that Hanuka’s traditional emphasis on active nonviolence arose during Roman Occupation. The rabbinic sages framed the holy day as a reminder that our spiritual power comes from remaining steadfast to compassion and good deeds. We are told to think of ourselves as cohainim, spiritual educators. We don the cohenet mantle and light a menorah in the window at sunset, as people return from the market place, in order to create a public witness to our faithfulness to upholding human dignity and love. This is the true source of human strength.

Hanuka also means education. Light symbolizes Jewish dedication to rekindling the altar of peace education! Great is peace, was the message of the sages. This meant refusing to cooperate with Roman militarism. The sages initiated a boycott which forbade the buying and selling of military equipment to either Romans or Jews.  Jewish rabbinic law forbid Jews to derive pleasure or benefit from any products that promote systemic violence. Yes, BDS has Jewish roots in rabbinic tradition. So, how do we increase light today? By supporting resistance to Israeli state militarism through peace education as well as noncooperation with militarism through BDS.

If you use olive oil to light your menorah, please listen to Iyad Burnat in the video above and remember that the olive tree has been tended by Palestinians in the holy land for millennium, and, thus, traditional knowledge about the olive tree has been largely kept by the Palestinian community to this very day. A collective tragedy is unfolding before our eyes. The Annexation Wall, which, when completed by 2020, will be twice the distance of the Green Line in the West Bank. As for security: 85% of the Annexation Wall is NOT on the Green Line. 

The true miracle of Hanuka today is giving public witness to the absolute necessity of putting militarism aside and rededicating our commitment to human dignity as a force more powerful for achieving security and peace.  And lest we forget, the children of Gaza are dying. I have learned from many young Gazans that they regard education as their main form of nonviolent resistance to Occupation. Education gives them hope. The message of nonviolent resistance is alive and well among Palestinians. Israelis would benefit from listening and responding to the traditional messages of Hanuka instead of promoting the Maccabees on steroids. 


4 thoughts on “Hanuka: Dedicated to Resisting Militarism Through Peace Education

  1. You should learn first, what is Hamas’s education system in Gaza or even PA’s education system that include hard propaganda (also Nazi one) against Israelis, against Jews and against Judaism in generally
    a peace agreements should not be based on green line because if it will be happen you’ll never see the Jews again celebrating this holy day of Hanuka in the best place for it (Western Wall, and Inshallah when the Messiah will be here in the new temple)
    i am not supporter of the military occupation but in the other side, i am also not freak enough to protesting against my own army and especially with violence as Palestinians some anarchists/radical leftists (some of them are sadly, Israelis) always doing, coin have two sides, you should look deep inside Palestinian society, education, ETC.

    have a nice day
    Ezra, an Iraqi Jews that expelled out of Iraq 60 years ago and knows its Arab Neighbors from close and also used to be in IDF’s Golani brigade for years.

  2. This is beautiful! And it needs to be translated into Hebrew & Arabic. Peace, Salaam, Shalom & Happy Chanukah everybody!

  3. Lisa…you cry for the people who least need it….leave a tear for the 160k dead and millions displaced in Syria …or the palestiians starving and dead in the Syrian camps..or the millions killed maimed and raped by Arab gangs in south Sudan…the 2000 dead in 9/11…the aussies burned alive in Bali…the thousands dead Iraq..hanging of transsexuals and poets in Iran…maybe the 3000 dead Israelis killed by your friends terrorist kin…

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